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Wakatobi real paradise in the Sea Bottom
Wakatobi National Park has the potential of natural resources of the sea level value, and both types of keunikannya, with panoramic sea bottom stunning. In general, the configuration of marine has even started to incline towards the sea, and there are some areas that the bertubir steep. Water depth varies, the terdalam reaches 1044 meters with the most basic of the sand and relaxing.

This national park has 25 units with a group of coral reefs around the coast of the coral islands along the 600 km. More than 112 coral species from 13 families, among Acropora Formosa, A. hyacinthus, Psammocora profundasafla, Pavona cactus, Leptoseris yabei, Fungia molucensis, Lobophyllia Robusta, Merulina ampliata, Platygyra versifora, Euphyllia glabrescens, Tubastraea frondes, Stylophora pistillata, Sarcophyton throchelliophorum, and Sinularia spp.

Fish species richness of the national parks are 93 species of fish trade and fish consumption among decorative spot Argus (Argus Cephalopholus), takhasang (Naso unicornis), pogo-pogo (Balistoides viridescens), napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus), red fish (Lutjanus biguttatus ), baronang (Siganus guttatus), Amphiprion melanopus, Chaetodon specullum, Chelmon rostratus, Heniochus acuminatus, Lutjanus monostigma, Caesio caerularea, and others.

In addition, there are several types of sea birds such as swan-stone brown (Sula leucogaster plotus), kettle wilt (Charadrius peronii), king prawn erasia (Alcedo atthis); there are three types of turtle are often landed on the islands in the national park that is shell turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), crock turtle (Caretta caretta), and the cracked turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea).

Native communities living around national parks in the sea or tribe called the Bajau tribe. According to ancient Chinese records and the European explorers, said that boating is a man who is able to explore the human Merqui Islands, Johor, Singapore, Sulawesi, and the Sulu Islands. Of the entire human boating in Southeast Asia that still have a boating culture is traditional Bajau tribe. See their day-to-day is interesting and unique, especially to the sea floor dives without equipment to spear fish.

Hoga Island (Kaledupa Resort), Island Binongko (Resort Binongko) Tamia and Resort is an interesting location to visit, especially for diving, snorkeling, nautical tourism, swimming, camping, tourism and culture.

Visit best season:
April s / d in June and October until December each year

How well a location:
Kendari to Wanci using aircraft
Kendari to Bau-Bau with regular fast ship every day with two long trips, or five hours each day with a timber ship for 8 hours.
Kendari Wanci to use every day with a long wooden boat trip about 8 hours
Wanci is a gate to enter the first area of Wakatobi National Park.
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I invite You to Blue Water of Wakatobi

I diving in the blue waters of Wakatobi, teeming with sea life of all shape and colors, are not to miss. several of the best diving in the earth is found in Wakatobi Island and options come in all cost ranges, from a quick dip off the coast of Baali Island to a 15 days liveaboard that will take you to areas otherwise inaccessible.

This island is especially famous for its diving and snorkeling being the home to hundreds of colorful little fishes and exquisite life corals, both soft and hard many tourists who will be stunned at the beauty of Wakatobi island tells about their experiences through blogs,
as I do.

I promote them through that here, with the service excelent that there were marketing .....word of mouth for Wakatobi .

Wakatobi is one of the most popular destinations in the world.Remember located in Indonesia, this huge island has a bit of everything.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Welcome to Wakatobi

Welcome to Wakatobi

Dive destination with one of the best coral reefs in the world where you can escape from the routine day-to-day in complete comfort. When you enjoy the best diving tours to help you ensure that the wonders under the sea in the area will be in there until the future.

Located on a beautiful tropical island in the Wakatobi kepulaun, located in the Banda Sea, Wakatobi Dive Resort offers what is considered by many as the location of coral reef diving in the world. Our staff who have knowledge, along with hospitality-tamahan akan serve you with your colleagues, our chef create a dish that is tasty and bungalows we meet aesthetic elements and is very comfortable. But there's more, making Wakatobi is very unique in the scope of the surrounding area where the effort involved in the protection of marine resources sustainable.

Blessed with a series of coral reefs and the best most healthy at this time, where you can start diving only 20 meters from the Wakatobi Dive center is often seen as the ship to the coast awakened to them. In addition to a series of spectacular coral reefs, there are dozens of dive sites that can reach the bottom of the sea life has a very diverse, colorful and magnificent. Availability penyeleman use the dive boat and offshore that are not included in the limited package a full resort, then you have the freedom to guarantee total dive!
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About Us

About Us

Wakatobi Dive Resort was founded by a Swiss berkebangsaan years in mid 90's and is now managed by a team of international management. Resort is very carefully constructed with traditional methods of choice for the number of guests embrace the principles of environmentally friendly tourism. Local architectural styles from the main building and bungalows come and built by local artists using traditional tools.

Although the resort is one of the very remote, Wakatobi Dive Resort offers all aspects keramah-tamahan modern, hot and cold water throughout the resort, 24 hours electricity, communications satellite, internet access 24 hours a day and many more. Tata Boga expert team we can create both local and international cuisine with the best taste.

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a place for divers who appreciate the importance of the environment for them where the best night dives mecakup a fun night, dine under the stars at night and the beach with friends or people who loved the beautiful in the dusk.
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Type of Accommodation

All bungalows in the Wakatobi Dive Resort has:
*Laundry room
*Shower with hot water
*Landscape gardens and open ocean
*Internet connection 24 hours
*Private Home

Facilities at the Resort
*Jetty bar
*Media Room
*Boat dive several times a day
*Room camera
*Satellite Phone
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Operate a holiday resort that provides outstanding dive that is our main business and at the same time marine conservation and community development is the main motivation in our business.

Recognizing the need for protection of marine resources on an ongoing basis in the Wakatobi region, the Conservation Program Coral Reefs collaborative developed by the founders of Wakatobi Dive Resort to consult with the leaders and the local indigenous leaders. The program is designed to motivate people in the Wakatobi region to realize the importance of coral reefs and to actively protect the marine ecosystem. This can be achieved by providing an economical alternative to the local fishermen and create incentives that help to protect and maintain the coral reef. Cooperation between local fishermen and tourists who visit promoted by creating income from tourism which is then channeled directly back to local people.

Required a consistent effort over many years to build trust and understanding of the local community where all people around the village with respect to the agreement. Based on the success of the project was launched in 1998 that made the coral reefs along the 6 km into the protected area may not be digunankan fishermen for fishing and programs were developed and more widely again. Currently the program includes 17 village communities in the local community seputaran resort that includes 20 km of one of the best coral reefs in the world and including in it a number of best dive locations.

Importance to Achieve Joint Needs Cooperation

Manage the protection area is a vast sea is almost uninhabited is relatively simple compared to the needs of local residents who mostly work as fishermen to connect life. Wakatobi Dive Resort realize life masayarakat local needs must be met in order to be able to create long-term conservation program. This is a big challenge considering the Wakatobi archipelago has a population of 100,000 inhabitants.

Most of the local population can be seen both as a threat or as an opportunity when weighing the factors that create the programs needed in the conservation of marine resources successfully. In Wakatobi, conservation program has been to empower local communities to become a "protective force" that they keep coral reefs.

No less important is the fact that the economic impact from dive tourism has successfully overcome the fishing practices that damage the environment with the ownership a "real estate" of value. Natural result of the local community Wakatobi start to protect their marine resources against penggangu and destructive, including threats from arising from within their own communities.
Of course, any program without the presence of law enforcement or the flow of funds and the alternative will most likely be at the end of the over-fishing and destruction of ecosystems.

Thus Collaboration Conservation Coral Reefs Wakatobi Dive Resort is the development work that is still growing and disesuikan with the development of society and the new threat that appears. So therefore, we believe that the Collaboration Program Conservation Coral Reefs is a good program and independently to protect the coral reefs in the Wakatobi
islands to many generations to come.
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